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Maker Cast is a monthly live show featuring a bunch of YouTube makers. Join us as we talk about making stuff, new trends, and our latest projects.

The show will be hosted on a different Maker’s channel each month, follow @TheMakerCast on twitter or join TinyLetter Makercast for announcements.

David Watts keeps a updated playlist with all episodes

Table of makercast episodes

Episode Date Participants bitluni Brian Lough Dave Darko Seon (Unexpected Maker) Stephen Ludgate (ChunkySteveo) Liz Clark (Blitz City DIY) Colin Hickey David Watts Jon Oxer Aaron Christophel Jeri Ellsworth Arturo182 Emily Velasco James Sharman Timon (Prof Sparkles) Mayer Makes (Clem) bleeptrack Becky Stern Stephen Hawes Adam Welch Applied Procrastination Mr. Twinkle Twinkie Alex (tinyledmatrix) deshipu (Radomir Dopieralski) Matou (Matthias Matousek) Odd_Jay (Jorvon Moss) ecken (Noe Ruiz) sophy wong Zack Freedman Helen Leigh Ian Charnas Usagi Electric Atomic14 Simple Electronics GeekMomProjects (Debra) Billie Ruben Intermit.Tech (Quindor) Curious Supplies (Tom Clement) Guy Dupont
1 2019-02-03 H X X X X
2 2019-03-03 X X H X X
3 2019-04-03 X H X X X
4 2019-05-05 X X H X X
5 2019-06-09 X X X X X H
6 2019-07-07 X X X X H
7 2019-08-04 H X X X
8 2019-09-01 X H X X X
9 2019-10-06 X X H X X X
10 2019-11-03 X X H X X X
11 2019-12-01 X X X X H
12 2020-01-05 H X X X X
13 2020-02-02 X H X X X
14 2020-03-08 X H X X X
15 2020-04-05 X X H X X X
16 2020-05-03 X X H X X X
17 2020-06-14 X X X X H X
18 2020-07-05 X X H X X X
19 2020-08-02 H X X X X X
20 2020-09-06 X X X X X H X
21 2020-10-04 H X X X X X
22 2020-11-01 X X H X X X
23 2020-12-06 X X H X X X
24 2021-01-03 H X X X X X
25 2021-02-07 X X X H X X
26 2021-03-07 X X X X H X
27 2021-04-11 H X X X X X
28 2021-05-02 X X H X X X
29 2021-06-06 H X Q X X X
30 2021-07-04 X X X X H X
31 2021-08-08 X H X X X X
32 2021-09-05
33 2021-10-03
34 2021-11-07
35 2021-12-05
Host 5 4 2 3 1 2 1 4 1 1 1 1 1 1
Member 18 15 12 13 9 8 5 9 3 2 1 6 3 2 9 7 5 3 2 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1

H=Host, X=Guest, Q=Quiz Master

Show notes

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10

Episode 11

Episode 12

Episode 13

Episode 14

Episode 15

Episode 16

Episode 17

Episode 18

Episode 19

Episode 20

Episode 21

Stephen Ludgate (ChunkySteveo)

Christmas lights

Thingiverse - Customizable everything box (waterproof)

Github - WLED

Aliexpress - WS2811 DC 5V/12V 12mm WS2811 LED Module , Black/Green/White/RWB Wire, IP68 waterproof Pixels string Christmas light

Clem (Mayermakes)

Electroplating, copper, gold, iron

Alex (@tinyledmatrix)

Berlinclock Wikipedia - Berlin Clock

Tiny nixie with leds on one pcb - idea from Tindie - PIXIE - Chainable, Dual 5*7 Micro-LED Displays!

Holder for Tindie - Picoplanet (made by Bleeptrack) Available at Github - Bleeptrack/picoplanet

Ledmatrix pcb 22×9


Upgraded 3d printer to mk3

Designing a USB 2.0 hub - with headers for stacking, or a shield with functions

USB A and/or USB C ports.

By default USB standard power limits, or jumper to disabled spec and use more power. Autoswitch to external power.

More info in Youtube - Livestream: USB Hub Layout Part 1

Twinkle Twinkie

Designing pcb art / badges


Simple add-ons

Dave Darko

Decorate and organizing workshop, spiderman mask

Episode 22

Clem (Mayermakes)

Got the Holy book, Art of Electronics. Minimultimeter built on esp32-s2, usb-c, wifi, oled. Problem with a part on kicad.

Showed a animatronic skeletonhead, arduino nano, beagleboard ai pre-release, used facerecognition to look at people and tell Terminator quotes.


No butterfacts now!

Went to a rabbit hole with color blindness. Looked into image sensors without color filters. Showed prototype setup to examine light spectrum with diffraction filter.


Starts with some old projects.

Spiderrobot arduino-based. Legs included on the pcb (breakaway), and change to Adafruit Feather and 12 servos. Next version use 8 servos.

Gameconsole using CPython.

Tiny keyboard with rgb led under every key, 10 by 4 keys. (TwinkleTwinkle and Matou showed weird keyboards) Lowprofile key. Created lowest version with keyswitches sunken in the pcb. Dog-fooded the ergonomic keyboard since last week.

Made microkeyboard, 6 by 2 keys.

Keyboard kits/pcbs on tindie?

samd21 ? board feather compatible board, with only 5 components on the pcb, all pins connected, usb plug made with the pcb.

Find all designs on


Wearable robots. Smart mechanical solutions for spider legs. Makes open source to give back to the community. Powered by Adafruit Trinket. About a month for this design.

Talked about designing companion robots.

Do things for fun. Trial by error


Showed 3d printed hydrophonic wateringpot, got inspired by bleeptrack and used a picoplanet.

German 3d printing challenge, got a Ender 3 to experiment with, generate 3d printed art sculpture, more at

Twinkle Twinkie

Showed projects from Blitz City DIY, Stephen Hawes, Brian Lough.


  • Complete one project or start a dozen?

Episode 23

This Sunday at 4PM ET I'll be live hosting Maker Cast on my channel with guests @witnessmenow @davedarko @ecken @sophywong && @timonsku

Adafruit promoted todays Maker Cast thanks to @ecken shameless promotion

Noé Ruiz (@ecken)

Woking with Adafruit since 2012

Doing lots with wood. Shelf for Liz (xylophone cabinett), Parametric Designs for crate. Fireplace made of wood with leds for effects. Use Arrange feature in Fusion 360 to make simple plans. Outdoor LED sign. Many future designs in wood.

sophy wong (@sophywong)

Doing 3d printing, trying out organic shapes. Quick demo in Adobe Illustrator on iPad to create vector shapes with Apple pencil. 3d printing cupcake ornament. Candycanes failure Creating designs with filament change between layers

Dave Darko (@davedarko)

Made hairy furby, improved design and now have an army of small furbies. Jefferies tube Infinity mirror. Hand solder ? More explanation about how to create the furby

Brian Lough (@witnessmenow)

Focus for camera via manual remote control. Released D1 mini screen shield PCB Christmas tree

Ported tetris to run on a matrix board

Nunchuck Breakout

Timon (@timonsku)

CNC milled bottle opener Minimal Raspberry Pi CM 4 Carrier Showed a preview for a bigger Pi CM4 Carrier board

Blitz City DIY (@blitzcitydiy)

Magtag advent calendar

Use easybake oven for reflow

General chat

About 2020/2021

Bitluni asks: Best butter?
Liz answer: peanutbutter

Episode 24

James Sharman

Building 8bit cpu on breadboards and pcbs. Demotime a snake game, and audio system. Developes code via eprom.


Optical sound decoder for 16mm filmstrip. Tricky to get the audio.

Becky Stern

Made a 2020 candle with a hidden dumpster fire, using a 3d printed mold and paraffin wax. Part of a colab.

Zack Freedman

Built a glove to feel magnetic fields.


Designed procedurally generated snowflakes pcbs using inkskape and to convert.

Designing procedurally generated snail-shell in blender

Talk about implanted rfid chip


Got 3d printer with pause function to change filament. Tried new stuff with SLA, 3d printed lenses, transparent heart, fresnel sheet

General chat

New year resolutions

Episode 25

Helen Leigh

Made workbench, leather glove to control a heard of robot unicorns. Resistor & harmonic wave tattoo. Recommends Kicad for pcb design. Showed a solder sucker. Have a new book coming about experimental music controllers.

Ian Charnas

Electroplating plastic, showed a nickel coated pickle. Goal is to electroplate a 3d printed Thor-hammer. Musical tesla-coil. Demo videos

UnexpectedMaker (Seon)

Showing a manual PnP part dispenser.

Becky Stern

Computer driven embroidery using processing, a Brother PE-770. Showed a birthday gift for Estefannie Tape measure antenna


(Having connection problems) Showing a tiny multimeter with wifi for breadboard use A Egg shaped IOT board breadbord-friendly. A CNC controller with many features.

Zack Freedman

Zack is moving to Colorado and no current projects.

Next month, Matthias Matousek, @MatouMakes

Episode 26

Brian Lough

Got tagged on twitter by @smartereveryday (Destin), about matrix display, see Support for emojis, scrolling text, countdowns, and progress bars

Automation for Tindie and local post office to easier send packages

Mayer Makes

Internet works, Clem shows stuff next

Shows pcb design for CNC controller with PI 2040 module, missing documentation for PI CM, dots go on the bottom.

Plans to open shop for more unusual stuff. Showed examples.

Usagi Electric (David)

Vacumtubes! Dislikes high voltages, runs tubes on +-12V. Builds a 1-bit microcontroller, prototype design. 555 timer with tubes.


Talked about python and programming. Made a small shield in Adafruit Feather format,


Matthias Matousek

Build a chess robot with a 3d printer

Game with maker words

Episode 27

Episode delayed one week, but back with 2 new makers, Atomic14 and Simple Electronics.


piunora opensource carrier board för Raspberry Pi 4, started company Diodes-Delight to sell electronics, logo design by Bleeptrack.


16 key Midi keyboard, 3d printed eggs, sailormoon star locket, vhs case for raspberry, midi controlled recorder bot

Simple Electronics:

Shows Snow speeder


Made walkie-talkies with tinypicos


Robots, needs googly-eyes, made lots of them.


Mostly software stuff, tinys2

Episode 28

Timon host with guests are Debra (GeekMomProjects), bleeptrack, Emily, davedarko and Matou (MatouMakes).

(lost edit) Davedarko and Matou showed stuff

Emily showed Eye game, A Simon Says game? Showed the garage


Oh my git, a game about git

New picoplanets

GeekMomProjects (Debra)

Wearable board, but smaller Using usbc connectors for mechanical fastener, and magnetic purse fasteners for power.

Infinitymirror cube formed, collar with a infinitymirror look, octahedron shape


See episode 27, still working on the board. Got first prototype board.

Episode 29

Billie Ruben (new) Creates posters, 3d printing stuff and adult things. More info about Bille on Simple Electronics podcast episode 8 Talks about silicone casting with 3d printed molds.

chat question: How to stop snagging while 3d print on textiles hackaday - remoticon video how to 3d print onto fabric with billie ruben

Usagi Electric 555-timer with tubes v2, 12 tubes. Op-amp built with tubes on a upscaled version of a dip chip. Lots of talk about tubes.

chat question: How to solder aluminium

Intermit.Tech (Quindor) (new) Led driving modules, QuinLED

Brian Lough Using Youtube live chat api, chat controlled traffic light, traffic light for kids, ESP32 Trinity (for controlling matrix-led-boards)

bitluni vga madness - 6 vga ports from 1 esp32. RPoE Rpi 2040 with POE and usb-c

Quizmaster Angus Flash (davedarko) Questions about what was said during the makercast

Billie won

Episode 30

Quindor starts and talks about some new boards he made. booster for ledstrips, data and power.

Tom Clement, first time on makercast. Talks about electronic event badges. Showed

Clem/Mayermakes, a digital backpack for a analog filmcamera. Created a more sturdy resin for the project.

Deshipui, building connectors out of pcb

davedarko, built webcam out of raspberry pi. Build model out of leftover parts. Gametoy

atc1441 (Aaron Christophel), talks about e-ink display. Lots of talk about the SWD/Glitch tool


Episode 31

Dave Darko, Matou, Bitluni, Mr Twinkle Twinkie, Timon and new guest Guy Dupont

Short introductions Guy: software dev by trade but trying more hardware.

Timon, updates on Piunora. Also showed a Leica camera clone that he plans to make digital with a raspberry pi camera.

Bitluni, updates on the RPoE board

Matou, 3d printed jewelry

TwinkleTwinke, pcb badges

Guy, “Key note visualizer” a board that shows notes played via midi. T9 keyboard.

Davedarko, sequencer

Episode 32

Hosted by Davedarko and Timonsku at xHain



Robin Reiter - pixelpump

Deshipu: Showed his graveyard of robots

Davedarko: a mechanical calculator from deshipu donated to xHain ?

Robin Reiter: Showed the Pixel Pump - An open source manual pick and place machine

Davedarko: analog synth

Talk about a MS6205 screen -

Timonsku: piunora

Davedarko: Tour of xHain

Davedarko: The Pink armwatch

Episode 32

James Sharman: Showed his homebuilt cpu / gamesystem with vga output, many improvements since his last time on makecast.

brian: Pink pcbs, from pcbbuy, ESP32 Trinity have arrived, demos various functions

bitluni: projects from livestreams

Seon: vacumboard for stencil printer and some teasers (S3)

atomic14: asteroids game with laser projection, voice controlled robot


Episode 34

Stephen Hawes: Talked about the Index (Open PnP machine)

deshipu: keyboards and bots

Jason Coon: impressive led creations

Kyle - Microtype: talking about testing emc

atomic14: mp3 player, ulp processor on esp32

quiz: a hard quiz, the audience won!

Episode 35

Mayer Makes (clem): A engineering resin, gets clear when cured, can be milled. distribution company for makers

Becky Stern: Secret Santa project, miniature hotdog stand

The Electronic Engineer (mark): Spectrumanalyzer, Building lasercutter, Banana for scale

Timon: Piunora, arduino formfactor carrier board for Raspberry Pi CM4, now shipping!

Stargirl (thea): Started a new website,, demo Big Honking Button and Speak to Me. demo of testjig

atomic14: Own version of wireless leds


Episode 36

Tom Clement, Badges last time, this time security. Remotecontroll for key lights, tuya hacking (beken chip, arm)

Ian Charnas, pneumatic anklebreaker, or jump helper, project for Rotor Riot ( Ion lifter drone , rocket triggerd lightning

Usagi Electric (David), cpu made by vacumtubes, demo

DaveDarko, led projects

bitluni, ultrasonic levitater, ultrasonic phase-array

2022 project: Tom Clement, hardware audiomixer. Usagi, spoiler audiodevice with tubes. ian, fruit ninja with robot arm

Episode 37

Guy Dupont host

Dave Darko, Mayer Makes, Timon, bitluni, The Electronic Engineer

Dave is not feeling well and is absent.

The Electronic Engineer (Mark): Shows pcb, flyback transformer/driver for plasma. Simple teslacoil, restroom timer, game, diploma display

Mayer Makes (Clem): First batch of resin sold out, new batch on sale. Rover robot with raspberry pi and claw. Walking robot

bitluni: phase-array transducer, sonar, AI learning. Chat control, TTS, IP sniffer printer

timon: swd/jtag connect board

Guy Dupont: hitclip

Episode 38

Clem (Mayer Makes): USBitch power and/or data blocker, testing glitter in his resin, works fine. Demonstration of how durable his resin is.

Dave Darko: Scout Oskitone, building stuff for music-rack, led-dockahedron

Matt Venn: Making computer chips, chip displaying a clock on a screen, very low level

bitluni: miniprinter via node-red, vga osciloscope, phased-array sonar, fake rfid tag


The Electronic Engineer (Mark): quiz, Dave is winner!

Episode 39

Host Dave Darko

Guests, Brian Lough, , enwi , Guy Dupont

New guest Christian Walther

Brian: Demo flash ESP over web, automatic grenhouse window opener, mini hotplate

Christian: led board, marble run, interactive installation photo booth

Guy Dupont: Simon Says game controller, T9 predictive typing

enwi: workrelated stuff, solar tower powerplant

Dave: Blueshark glasses attachment, Star Trek costume, musicbox, tiny gameboy

Episode 40

Episode 41

Host: atomic14

Guests: Bradán Lane, The Electronic Engineer, Dave Darko

The Electronic Engineer: “Nixie” tubes created by leds and test-tubes

Dave: Currently in USA, and only brought a few project, a small robot bug. New board for GoodFET42C

Bradán: Designed a clock running circutpython, using 310 leds, 2x2mm

Joypad controller,

atomic14: big 7-segment leds, using ledstrips.

Quiz: Bradan and Dave shared the win



Brian Lough

Dave Darko


Seon (Unexpected Maker)

Stephen Ludgate

Liz Clark ( Blitz City DIY )

David Watts

Jon Oxer

Aaron Christophel


Jeri Ellsworth


Emily Velasco

James Sharman


Mayer Makes (Clem)

bleeptrack (Sabine)

Becky Stern

Stephen Hawes

Adam Welch

Applied Procrastination

Mr. Twinkle Twinkie

Alex (tinyledmatrix)

deshipu (Radomir Dopieralski)


Matou (Matthias Matousek)

Odd_Jay (Jorvon Moss)

Noé Ruiz (@ecken)

sophy wong (@sophywong)

Zack Freedman (@ZackFreedman) aka Voidstar Lab

Helen Leigh

Ian Charnas

Usagi Electric (David)​​​​

Atomic14 (Chris Greening)​

Simple Electronics


GeekMomProjects (Debra)​​

Billie Ruben


Intermit.Tech (Quindor)


Curious Supplies (Tom Clement)


Guy Dupont

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